The Skill That Chow Taught

Douglas has come out with a new book. It’s called “Raising The Bar”. I figured I might as well read the old one. So I went on down to the library and checked it out. Don’t you just love the library?

It’s been about a week since I read it. I skipped the boring bits. The part about Chow “teaching” Douglas the amanar makes me laugh. He basically tells her to try it and she manages to do it. Anybody who has ever learned anything new can tell you that sometimes at first, BAM, you can do it. But then your ability just turns itself off and for whatever reason you can’t do it anymore. That is you can’t do it again untill you have well and truly properly learned it. It has nothing to do with your coach, or even yourself. That’s just how learning new things is for most people. Apparently, nobody ever told Douglas that. From her book, “…after that one session with Chow, I hadn’t even been able to continue doing the vault he taught me.” If that means she wasn’t able to do the skill again, guess what, Chow didn’t teach her anything that day after all. If you want proof just look at 2011, the first year she was at Chow’s.

That year, Gabby competed vault at Jesolo, Nationals, and Worlds and she did DTY at all of these competitions. Chow did eventually teach her that skill and she may have been able to do it in 2011 but obviously it was at least a year before HE felt the skill was competition ready.

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