Douglas Leaves Shade, Aly Goes Maccabiah

Douglas gets a new agent.

Gold-medal Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas is headed for what she hopes is greener pastures: She has left her agent Sheryl Shade for sports and entertainment behemoth Creative Artists Agency (CAA). CAA’s Olympic representation team is led by Lowell Taub.

I had no idea her book was on the New York Times bestseller list.

Okay, the big news in the post is that Aly supposedly is going to compete in the Maccabiah Games in July. I don’t really care what competition it is, I’m just glad she’s competing and I hope she actually does. A lot can happen between then and now.

Here’s an interview with Aly. She says she just went on her first family vacation ever to Mexico. This interview was from March 6th and they mentioned something about her coming back “next week” so there should be another one on their site somewhere soon enough if it’s not already on there.

Edit (like a million years later): Douglas’ former agent’s name was Shade, not Slade.

One Response to “Douglas Leaves Shade, Aly Goes Maccabiah”

  1. Lewis Mc Laren Says:

    good for Gabby
    shade doesn’t sell well

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