Is McKayla More Serious Than Aly?

McKayla and Aly both claim they want to train for Rio. We all know that their agents tell them to say that no matter what, though. It could be for reals or it could be total crap.

In this interview, McKayla says she was asked to do Dancing With the Stars.

I was asked to do it but I turned it down because I am back in the gym training for the Olympics. Gymnastics comes first, but maybe one day in the future I would. It’s such a fun thing and it’s awesome that they are representing gymnasts on it. Shawn Johnson did it and now Aly Raisman and then hopefully more from there. I’m excited for her and I know she’s going to do really well.

Maybe McKayla is more serious than Aly about coming back or maybe McKayla just aims to be back sooner. Aly doing DWTS might not mean she’s less serious since both gymnasts could afford to take the year off after the Olympics. It would probably be better for their bodies in the long run. Just as long as they didn’t get totally out of shape.

I wish the entire team would dial it back the year after the Olympics. Do the conditioning and flexibility 100%. Do drills to improve old skills and gain a few new ones. Do a few routines a week. A year without pounding that hopefully wouldn’t result in having to dig oneself out of a huge hole when the comeback begins.

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