Yvette Moshage Injuries

Coach Rick has a post about Yvette Moshage.  Somebody made a little documentary about her.  Anyway,

Yvette — like so many other gymnasts — injured ACL on competition Beam mats, despite not making a major error on landing.

I figured I had to see what this landing that contained no major errors looked like.  When I saw it, I have to say that although the landing really doesn’t look that bad, it still looks like she actually is making a major error.  Twisting into the ground.  On that particular landing, she combined it with a bit of a locked knew landing.  That combination was probably the killer. 

I checked out some other videos of her her on youtube and it looked like she was landing short over and over that year.  Maybe it wasn’t a really, super obvious twist into the ground but when you think about how many times she had to have done that dismount, each time with an incomplete twist.  It’s no wonder, her knee finally just said fuck it. 

2008 Jr. Europeans EF

2008 Dutch Semi Finals

2008 Top Gym

One Response to “Yvette Moshage Injuries”

  1. Rick McCharles Says:

    By major error, I meant 0.5 deduction or more. Major error in the code of points.

    … But wasn’t too clear on that.

    It reminded me of Shewfelt’s injury on Vault landing in 2007. He won the apparatus, I believe, yet was injured for a few months following.

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