Maroney Rakes in the Cash

I’m just guessing.  She has an endorsement deal with Dr. Pepper Snapple.  She will not appear in advertisements so it’s probably not super big bucks.

Of course, Aly is also getting paid.  She’ll do Dancing With The Stars and she’ll be paired with Mark Ballas.  When Shawn was on DWTS, the only part of the show I watched was Shawn’s clips on youtube.  I’ll probably do the same think with Aly.  There’s a picture of Mark and Aly where Mark is making some guesture and it looks like he’s pointing at Aly’s boobs.  Aly has georgeous hair!

Nastia Liukin is still getting paid.  According to this site she has an estimated net worth of $2 million.  I don’t know what the hell that means because lower in the site they claim her estimated net worth is $50 million.  It’s probably a typo.  The entry for Shawn Johnson says $9 million in both places.  This site has the estimated net worth for a couple of gymnasts.  Nadia ($10 million), Mary Lou ($5.8 million), Douglas and Jordyn ($3 million), Orozco ($500 thousand), Bela Karolyi ($5 million).

I think being on DWTS is going to bump Aly up.  Maybe into the ShawNadia-sphere if she manages to hang in for a long time.  Bank!  Chica’s gonna be making bank!


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