Biomechanically Sounds Like Bullshit…

without proof.  To me, anyway.

I don’t see why people have to use the phrase “biomechanically sound” as if they’ve actually done a study and can prove that what they’re saying is true.  Watching gymnasts is not a study.  If a group of gymnasts use a particular technique, it’s not proof of the biomechanical soundness of that technique.  It could just be easier.  Like a tuck is easier than a layout but that doesn’t mean it’s more biomechanically sound than a layout.

For some reason, certain folks are just convinced that things like bent over landings and grabbing the shins in tuck are biomechanically sound.  Lunges are supposedly biomechanically sound.  Sheesh!


One Response to “Biomechanically Sounds Like Bullshit…”

  1. Still Sounds Like Bullshit | Shergymrag Says:

    […] full-in out of the sky on floor – while grabbing the back of her thighs. With that in mind, I still doubt shin-grabbing is a better technique than thigh-grabbing …or nothing-grabbing. Seriously, we […]

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