Passing The Low Bar

Coach Rick posted a video showing a bar routine from NCAA gymnast Bianca Dancose-Giambattisto.  Somebody posted this comment:

The bar width is also the reason she (and so many others) can do that double layout – look at how she can stretch on those accelerating giants.  It’s way tougher on FIG settings!

Apparently, this person is unaware that Dancose-Giambattisto is using the same shape giant for her dismount that she used in FIG.  A straddle.  Here she is straddling past the low bar at Gymnix in 2012.

No matter what bar width, most gymnasts have to change their body shape to get past it while doing a giant swing.  Some do that ugly, over bar tap.  Others pike over the low bar swinging forwards or backwards.  And some straddle.  Many gymnasts use more than one method during the same routine.  Dancose-Giambattisto pikes past the bar earlier in the routine and straddle past it for her dismount.

Note:  There’s a little conversation on Coach Rick about the NCAA announcers’ use of the word exhibitionist.

Exhibitionist – Somebody who performs at exhibitions.  It has other meanings, but they did note at the start of the video (I missed this myself the first time watching it) that this bar routine was Dancose Giambattisto’s first non-exhibition routine in college…so.

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