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Upcoming: WOGA Classic

January 24, 2013

The 2013 WOGA classic is going to be held February 15 – 17 at the Dr Pepper Arena & Frisco Conference Center.  Nastia, Carly, and Rebecca will be signing autographs after the elite session.

In addition to U.S. gymnasts, this year’s event will feature top gymnasts from Russia, the Ukraine, Belgium, England, Canada, Latvia, Mexico and Austria. More than 1,500 competitors are expected to take part in the meet.

Here’s a blast from the past.  Viktoria Komova competed at the 2008 WOGA Classic.  Unfortunately, things are looking a bit sketchy for Komova right now.  Examiner is reporting that she might be injured.

A Russian news site is reporting that Viktoria Komova may be out of the upcoming Russian and European Championships due to a nagging back injury.

“Why the injury happened is not yet clear,” Komova told FCP-Press, adding that it might have been triggered by a growth spurt.

It would be interesting to know what Komova’s post-Olympic training was like.  This would’ve been the perfect time for her to take it easy.  She’s already been to the Olympics, it’s four years until the next one, and she was clearly due to grow more.  Some coaches try to have their gymnasts train straight through a growth spurt without making any adjustments to their regimen.  This increases the gymnasts’ chances of getting hurt.  When they do get hurt, people blame the growth spurt which is really inaccurate.  A growth spurt is something that is going to happen to most gymnasts.  Coaches should see this coming and make appropriate adjustments.

Chatting With Recreational Gymnasts

January 24, 2013

Here’s a video of a couple of recreational gymnasts sharing a little of what it’s like to compete in gymnastics.

News Channel 12’s Jacob Kittilstad speak with a pair of sister-teammates – Anna and Alyse Bullock…

Shannon Miller is helping to promote the 2013 US National Championship this August.  She’s touring gyms and talking to gymnasts about the upcoming national championship and her experiences as an elite gymnast.

Miller was a commentator at the 2012 Olympics, and she was asked who her favorite current gymnast was. She picked Aly Raisman, the captain of the gold-medal winning “Fierce Five” USA women’s team, while also a gold medalist individually on the floor exercise and a bronze medalist on the balance beam.

“She’s just kind of underneath the radar,” Miller said. “She just came in and did the job, and she left with the most medals.”

It’s interesting that Miller picked as her favorite the gymnast whose story is so close to her own.  At least as far as 1992 is concerned.

The Red Dress Collection

January 23, 2013

The red dress is supposed to be a symbol for heart health awareness.  There is a sweepstakes being held.  The prize is an all expense paid trip to New York City and tickets to the event.

…Nastia Liukin will walk the runway in The Heart Truth Red Dress® Collection Fashion Show at New York City’s historic Hammerstein Ballroom on February 6th as part of a partnership with presenting sponsor Diet Coke.

The Nastia Liukin series is chugging along.  Triple Twist is keeping a list of the qualifiers to the Nastia Cup.  They will continue to update it.

Say what now?

January 23, 2013 has posted a video  of Peyton Ernst doing her new beam series.

Texas Dreams elite Peyton Ernst will move up to the senior elite level in 2013 after narrowly missing the 2012 USA Junior National Team. Coach Kim Zmeskal says she has had a productive summer with Peyton who will debut many new skills this season, including this impressive new beam series.

Right now it’s flip flop, back handspring to two feet, pause, split jump.  Interesting.  I’ve had to watch the video a couple of times with the sound JACKED UP because of what I’m hearing in the background.  ‘Peyton…very nice…[Peyton lands her layout and jumps into the split leap] … good… garble garble … punch front’  Exsqueeze me?  So is Ernst’s new series supposed to be tumble to layout, split leap or is it supposed to be tumble to layout, punch front?  Maybe it’ll be one, then eventually the other, or maybe I’m just hearing things.

By the way, Peyton has 3 sisters.  Bailey, Madison, and Reilly.

What the Puck?

January 22, 2013

Raisman dropped the puck at a hockey game.

This is Gabby talking about how she hurt her ankle on vault at Pacific Rim.  It’s kind of funny that she claims she landed “pretty much on her stomach” but she actually landed on her hands and feet in the video.

And then there was McKayla.  When I first saw this pic of McKayla in the dress she chose to wear to a P&G event, I was like “Where the puck did THOSE come from?”  The pic was toosexy for some folks.  McKayla commented on another instagram picture:

You know who I love..? My fans. Never ending support, always making me smile, & my favorite never judging me without actually getting to know me. More people need to be like that.. Love you guys❤ ~McKayla

As it turns out, THOSE can be chalked up to angles and a push-up bra.

I was searching all over trying to figure out what exactly this “P&G event” was all about.  Haven’t found out yet.  However, I did stumble on some pictures of Suri Cruise in gymnastics class.  I guess she outgrew her private gymnastics themed play room.

All dressed up

January 18, 2013

I don’t watch pageants so I don’t know how McKayla did during the Miss America broadcast.  I do know her dress is very cute.

Raisman was dressed up for something too.  These photos are of her at Pandora which I guess is a jewelry shop.

Douglas was dressed up with new hair for the Golden Globe Awards.  I’d like to know why her stylist put her in that greenish yellow color.

There’s no dressy Jordyn pic today.  Here are some pictures of her during a gymnastics clinic at Perfection Gymnastics in Cincinnati.  I cannot spell Cincinnati.  There’s only one t and no e.

Cin Cin Nat i

Jordyn Talks Relationships

January 15, 2013

Jordyn talked with high schoolers in a visit that’s a part of Mary Kay’s “Don’t look away” campaign to prevent and end domestic violence.

Jordyn decided to support Mary Kay’s “Don’t Look Away” campaign and loveisrespect because of the alarmingly high rates of dating abuse.

“After learning about the warning signs and shocking statistics of teen dating abuse, it is clear this kind of program is needed,” she said.

The news section of Wieber’s website has not been updated since October 2012.

Key Words

January 7, 2013

A few years back, without thinking about what might happen, I used a certain combination of words in a post.  I chose those words because I opened the post with a paragraph about some cybersquatter.  Years later, that post is still my most popular post just because of the words I used.

I feel strange about that.  I don’t know if I should sprinkle those words liberally throughout all my posts or quit using them.  I’m leaning towards the latter solution.  I’m sure folks must be really dissapointed when they click on the link to my post and end up reading about Ashley Priess’  retirement.

Lauren Mitchell’s wolf turns

January 6, 2013

Lauren Mitchell (AUS) does wolf turns on beam and floor.  Sometimes she does a harder turn, sometimes an easier one.  I can’t tell which is which without a second viewing.  Sometimes I think she also does different turns in different phases of a given meet.  I’m not sure how much of that is planned and how much is her saving a turn that’s about to go wrong.

In 2009,  she finished the turn with an odd little backwards roll out.  (2009 – Beam, Floor)  In 2010, I was glad she wasn’t doing the roll out anymore and her finishing choreography from that year was my favorite.    (2010 – Beam, Floor)

Her finishing choreography on floor changed again in 2011 but I still liked it better than the 2009 version.  On beam during team finals was one of the times she did fewer revolutions but it looked better since she mostly managed to keep her leg raised through to the end of the turn.  (2011 – Beam, Floor)

When I first saw her turns from 2012, I thought she had really improved but then I realized she was doing easier turns.  (2012 – Beam, Floor)