Goings on in Thailand and Myanmar

The Asian Gymnastics Union has a website which they use to post about stuff that happens in Asian Gymnastics. Interestingly, the president of the AGU was someone from Japan from 1966 – 2006.  Since 2007, the president has been from Qatar.


The Gymnastics Association of Thailand hosted the SEAGZONE Executive Committee Meeting On 22 January 2013 in Bangkok Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel with the presence of 8 federations attended the meeting.


The Myanmar Gymnastic Federation organized the first Judges Course for Artistic Gymnastics in Yangon under the direction of Mr. Anuchit Thaesungnern from Thailand during the period 17 – 20 December 2012 to prepare the national judges for the 13th Cycle of the international judges course.

They are preparing for the 2013 Southeast Asian Games.  Settle down.  They aren’t until December.

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