Gymnastics Books on is a site that helps writers self publish their work.  There’s a few books about gymnastics on there.  You can’t judge a book by it’s cover but it’s plot summary might tell you a lot.

Runaway Gymnast by: Cady Scriven

 Lelia Piccino is smart, popular, pretty and a level 10 gymnast headed for success.  Tired of competing for attention with her six siblings, being blamed for things she didn’t do and being stuck on level 10 when she knows she could be National Champion, Lelia runs away.  Now, with a new coach, new friends and a reputation, Lelia hides from the world she left and from the people desperately trying to find her.

Hold on.  So she’s a runaway but shows up at a new gym and they’re just like, ‘Sure, come train with us”.  Awesome.  I’d totally buy this if it wasn’t priced at $9.59 for 44 pages.

Another Lulu book is The Gymnastic Coach by: Aaron Wisewell

Aaron Wisewell reveals the keys to  success in the demanding and pressure-packed world of elite gymnastics, explaining how  greatest achievements were overcoming the barriers of fear and negativity. The Gymnastic Coach is a perfect guide for a gymnast who wants to excel.

At $4.99, Aaron’s book still falls outside my budget limit for buying stuff that might be crap.  It’s an ebook so I don’t even know how many pages it has.  I do know that Aaron seems to coach everything.  Or at least, he writes about coaching a lot of different sports.

Karen M Goeller has a few books on lulu.  She writes mostly technical books about training skills and conditioning.  I’ve actually bought a few things from her before lulu was around and I was pleased with them.

Anyway, check out  And if you can write, or even if you can’t, publish a book.  Personally, I’m too lazy for that shit.  Writing is haaaard.  I can certainly write 44 pages of crap but not 44 pages of something anyone wants to pay for.


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