Say what now? has posted a video  of Peyton Ernst doing her new beam series.

Texas Dreams elite Peyton Ernst will move up to the senior elite level in 2013 after narrowly missing the 2012 USA Junior National Team. Coach Kim Zmeskal says she has had a productive summer with Peyton who will debut many new skills this season, including this impressive new beam series.

Right now it’s flip flop, back handspring to two feet, pause, split jump.  Interesting.  I’ve had to watch the video a couple of times with the sound JACKED UP because of what I’m hearing in the background.  ‘Peyton…very nice…[Peyton lands her layout and jumps into the split leap] … good… garble garble … punch front’  Exsqueeze me?  So is Ernst’s new series supposed to be tumble to layout, split leap or is it supposed to be tumble to layout, punch front?  Maybe it’ll be one, then eventually the other, or maybe I’m just hearing things.

By the way, Peyton has 3 sisters.  Bailey, Madison, and Reilly.

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