What the Puck?

Raisman dropped the puck at a hockey game.

This is Gabby talking about how she hurt her ankle on vault at Pacific Rim.  It’s kind of funny that she claims she landed “pretty much on her stomach” but she actually landed on her hands and feet in the video.

And then there was McKayla.  When I first saw this pic of McKayla in the dress she chose to wear to a P&G event, I was like “Where the puck did THOSE come from?”  The pic was toosexy for some folks.  McKayla commented on another instagram picture:

You know who I love..? My fans. Never ending support, always making me smile, & my favorite never judging me without actually getting to know me. More people need to be like that.. Love you guys❤ ~McKayla

As it turns out, THOSE can be chalked up to angles and a push-up bra.

I was searching all over trying to figure out what exactly this “P&G event” was all about.  Haven’t found out yet.  However, I did stumble on some pictures of Suri Cruise in gymnastics class.  I guess she outgrew her private gymnastics themed play room.

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