Lauren Mitchell’s wolf turns

Lauren Mitchell (AUS) does wolf turns on beam and floor.  Sometimes she does a harder turn, sometimes an easier one.  I can’t tell which is which without a second viewing.  Sometimes I think she also does different turns in different phases of a given meet.  I’m not sure how much of that is planned and how much is her saving a turn that’s about to go wrong.

In 2009,  she finished the turn with an odd little backwards roll out.  (2009 – Beam, Floor)  In 2010, I was glad she wasn’t doing the roll out anymore and her finishing choreography from that year was my favorite.    (2010 – Beam, Floor)

Her finishing choreography on floor changed again in 2011 but I still liked it better than the 2009 version.  On beam during team finals was one of the times she did fewer revolutions but it looked better since she mostly managed to keep her leg raised through to the end of the turn.  (2011 – Beam, Floor)

When I first saw her turns from 2012, I thought she had really improved but then I realized she was doing easier turns.  (2012 – Beam, Floor)




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