What is the meaning of this?

Yamilet Pena is rocking a tuck position on her double front vault that is completely ridiculous for someone of her ability level to use.   Her best competition attempt at worlds was in qualifications where she had an ass landing that was still under-rotated.  Not one but TWO big steps back!  To rotate faster, she needs to pull her knees to her ears.  I’m not saying that she shouldn’t work towards a nice tuck position.  I’m just saying maybe she should just try to land the thing first.

When I say “land” I don’t mean a butt landing.  I don’t see why they even count as feet first landings.


Almost all the videos on youtube of Pena are of her crashing the Produnova.  She does do the other events though.  Judging by her scores, there may be a fair amount of crashing involved on her other events too but she does have some good skills.  On this UB routine she drops off on her toe shoot but does a nice double layout dismount.

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