No more sporty leos?

The C score wrote a post about changes for the 2009 code.  When I looked at the provisional code, I was paying more attention to changes for the routines.  I didn’t notice this.  

Change Most Likely to Affect Spain
In the section where attire is described, leotards now “must be of elegant design” (vs “may be of elegant design” from the previous Code). 

The C score seems to think that this will keep teams from showing up in leotards that have gaudy colors.  Maybe.  I think it effects sporty leotards more though.  

I recall an article from 2006 where Martha Karolyi explains the hot pink leotards the US girls wore in prelims.  

Karolyi bypassed the traditional red-white-and-blue look this year for a bold blast of pink. She said it was a response to a request from the International Gymnastics Federation to have the women’s sport look more, well, feminine.

“I think we pleased FIG,” Karolyi said.

I thought then and I still think now that that was the stupidest thing I’d ever heard.  The FIG requesting “feminine” leotards?  If a woman is in a leotard or swimsuit and doesn’t look feminine, a different leotard or swimsuit is not going to change anything.  There’s a thread on IG forum which asks how are they going to enforce this?   

I hope that this is just some weird little mistranslation or if it’s not I hope the last time we see it is in this provisional code.

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One Response to “No more sporty leos?”

  1. thecscore Says:

    I don’t think it means anything. I do think it’s hilarious though. And I think I read the new Code too closely.


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