8.8 – finding the deductions in Shawn’s routine

It is not that hard at all to find the deductions in Shawn’s routine.  It bugs me the comments I see from people who think she was robbed.  Wobbling isn’t the only way to lose points in gymnastics.  It would’ve been nice if the commentators could’ve explained that.  Apparently, they didn’t.  So  to answer the question that keeps popping up in my surfing: 

“Where do you find .8 in deductions for Shawn’s routine, let alone 1.2!!!”

I’d like to explore the possible deduction areas in Shawn’s routine.  


Shawn landed her full-twisting back tuck, her back tuck, and her full-twisting double back dismount with her chest on her knees.  It is possible to deduct up to .9 for those faults alone.  The judges can take either .1 or .3 for each skill depending on how big the error is.  There is no .2 deduction in this code.  In addition there is a deduction of up to .3 for general lack of amplitude during the entire exercise.  


Shawn has flexibility issues on her switch leap and split leap that can be deducted.  Up to .6.  Again, up to .3 for each skill.  There is also another lack of flexibility deduction of .1 that can be taken from the entire exercise.  

Then there is the step she took on the landing.  One tenth.  So that’s a possible two points in deductions for a routine that looked rock solid.  That’s the new code and there’s really nothing cryptic or conspiratorial about it.

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2 Responses to “8.8 – finding the deductions in Shawn’s routine”

  1. apolytongp Says:

    (TCO) I think you need to make more of a full explanation to justify the scoring. For instance, when .1 versu .3 is awarded. When a trick has low amplitude versus when one has landing with low chest. Also comparison to other gymnasts (Fei’s double double lands with a lower chest than Johnson for example).

  2. shergymrag Says:

    Fei and Johnson do their double doubles on floor. This post is about Johnson’s Beam. The 8.8 came from a particular judge who was being strict through the entire competition on beam. The judges on floor are different so they have a different idea of what they are going to call a low chest. In the code, there are diagrams which detail a poor split angle for example. There’s nothing that shows a “deep squat” or the low chest that Shawn has problems with. You can get up to .5 off for the deep squat, by the way. There probably should be diagrams for that too. What could it hurt?

    The FIG code could be a clearer on requirements. USAG has a great document on their site which details the USAG program expectations for leaps a lot more fully than the FIG code does. They probably felt they had to be more clear because, for example, some judges were deducting kids for not getting a full spit on their straddle jump when that is not even required all the time. They were acting like there was no such thing as a “straddle pike jump” and that all straddle jumps were supposed to be in 180 split. That’s not so.

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