I watched podium training. Woot!

Joy Joy.  The girl that is holding the banner for Great Britain is looking super happy when the camera pans by her.  It’s a far away shot but her smile is megawattier than anything Mary Lou ever did.  

Butts.  I think GK’s fit specialist tries to make sure as much booty as possible is on display.  

Non Ghetto Zone.  I think it was Athens where the gymnasts used a kitty litter box to put chalk on their feet.  The Chinese are having none of that.  The gymnasts are taking their chalk baths in a boxes that look to be specially made for the purpose.  

ZOMG!  Peszek fell on her double arabian.  Alicia went out of bounds twice.  Nastia almost went out of bounds.  Miss double double had some trouble with her front full, 1 1/2.  She was really short the first time, attempted it again and did well.  Then she tried it with the music and FELL!  She did it one more time and did it a little short.  

Swap.  Shawn isn’t doing the leg up full turn on floor.  She did a plain double turn instead.  It went better with the music as well.  It was a little short on the first run but she did it two more times because she repeated that whole bit of her floor routine from the double turn to the front full, 1 1/2 twice.  The double was very nice the second time and over-rotated the third time.  Those little skips she did before her leap series also changed a bit but I don’t know if she meant to do that or not.  She usually does three little skips in forward passe (the toe of her free leg by the knee of her support leg).  This time she did two skips in forward coup (toe by ankle) and the last skip in passe.  

Wicked!  It looks like NBC did a comparison vault of two Romanian gymnasts.  I thought they were running side by side at first and then they both started to vault so I thought it was just a messed up video feed.  Then one did a tucked yourchenko and the other did a layout.  It was great and I look forward to seeing more direct comparison vaults during the games.  

 WTH.  NBC showing Bela in an inset during Nastia’s beam practice?   He’s not her coach.  He’s not the team coach.  WTF.  

Vault, bars, and beam looked okay.  I’ve liked the runway cam ever since they first showed it in Atlanta.  Shawn fell on her bail half for her first routine.  It was fine on the second one.  On beam, she wobbled at the end of her leg up full turn.  For Shawn, that full turn really is a good example of what happens when you try to be too perfect at a skill. Chellsie did not get to handstand on her jam before the dismount the first time.  Bridgette fell off beam on one of her layouts.  

Alicia did floor, vault, and beam.  Chellsie did only bars.  That left AA for everybody else.

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