USAG grassroots gymnastics marketing campaign

USAG wants to make sure that all those four-yearly fans who will be watching the Olympians understand that the sport isn’t just about what goes on at the top level.  They are launching a new ad campaign which showcases little kids.  I think the idea is great but i also wish they had used older kids too.  The sport suffers from the notion that if you don’t start at five you’ll never be any good.  

As long as you’re trying to tout gymnastics as a recreational pursuit, why not also highlight the fact that people of all ages can benefit from gymnastics recreation.  Or at least kids aged nine to 18 in addition to the five year olds.  I’ve actually met people that think think nine is “too late” to start gymnastics.  You want to know a big reason why cheerleading is so popular?  They don’t give nine and ups the brush-off.

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