Shawn wanted to quit twice

Every gymnast has those days.  

Johnson has also felt that burden. Twice, she told her parents that she wanted to quit because she was afraid of not living up to expectations — once as a much younger gymnast and later when she made the junior national team in 2005.

Her parents simply told her to sleep on it. Each time, Johnson changed her mind.

I still don’t understand this bit with Martha Karolyi.  

In 2005, he boldly sent a tape of a 13-year-old Johnson to Martha Karolyi, the women’s national team coordinator, suggesting Johnson could help the United States team. Karolyi received the package and said she immediately thought, “Whoa, this coach has a lot of confidence, doesn’t he?”

What is this even about?  I thought when the camps started it was made part of the process that some gymnasts could receive an invite to camp by sending a video tape.  Did they not expect to get any?  And it occurs to me that Shawn couldn’t have been taking part in TOPs if Martha saw her for the first time when she was 13.  Remember last quad when they were always talking about how so-and-so team member was part of the TOPs program?   Maybe she just had a brainfart.  Whenever I see an article that mentions “Liang Qiao“, I always forget who they’re talking about until they start writing about Shawn.  Maybe he sent her the tape with his “other” name written on it.

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