Lots of good stuff in this Nastia article

Read it.  It’s packed with great little tidbits.  

Check out this tidbit:

For Liukin, of course, the benefits are more obvious. With a global sponsor, she (or, rather, her parents) can stop worrying about the expense that went into her years of becoming a Beijing contender and instead concentrate on gymnastics. 

This had me scratching my head.  The Liukin’s own their gym.  The expenses that went into her training couldn’t have been as big of an issue for them as it is for other gymnasts.  

The article also talks about the unveiling of Nastia’s Nascar.  It’s also Michael Phelps’ Nascar – He’s on the other side.  Anyway, the driver was having a twerpisode.  

“Obviously, Nastia Liukin is on this side,” he said, indicating the left rear door. “And she’s quite amazing. Obviously, I don’t follow gymnastics, but I hear she’s quite amazing.”  

WTF?  Of course she’s amazing.  Who puts a mediocre athlete on a Nascar?  I’m sure he’s 96.7% cool like most of the rest of the human race, but that was a twerpy thing to say.

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