Best in Texas

Alaina Johnson and Martin Parsley were honored by their peers at some banquet.  I don’t know what the exact awards were.  Best coach and best gymnast I think.  Anyhoo, I laughed at a quote from Mr. Parsley’s award.  I read “Never say Never…” and I said What?  Remember this quote of his from another article.  

“We are going to do exactly what we did at the last meet and then go home and watch the Olympics on T.V. like everyone else.” 

But then I kept reading and the quote finishes “…mantra towards life.”  Okay.  I guess that’s a bit different than having a never say never mantra towards gymnastics.  

Alaina’s award?  I can see how there might be humor in it but reading the nomination I’m like geeze, that sounds a lot like ‘you suck but you just kept on going.’


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