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Sam Peszek – Piece of me montages

July 13, 2008

Awhile back somebody made a Shawn Johnson montage to Piece of me by Britney Spears.  Now there are two montages to this song by two different youtubers, roxigymnast andgymnast7225.  This one is from June 22 and this other one is from July 3.  

Nastia Liukin has a monthly montage contest.  The featured artist for July/August is Ashlee Simpson.  Many contestants have chosen Simpson’s Pieces of Me.


July 12, 2008

A new Olympic development program is set to transform the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) in Canberra in to a breeding ground for young gymnasts.

I don’t really know what’s going on here.  According to the article, Australia has 300 athletes they are grooming for 2020.  I don’t think they’re going to do very well with that.  At least not any better than what they’ve done so far.  That is a miniscule talent pool, I don’t care if these kids are selected for talent and body type.  Twelve years is an awful long time.  Plenty of time for 300 kids to be whittled away to almost nothing.

Dwight Normile skips a step?

July 8, 2008

In a recent article, IG editor Dwight Normile talks about Shawn Johnson’s bar routine.  

Though Johnson weakest event is bars, she is really clean and consistent. She is not built for inside-Stalders, so she relies on a high B-score and big dismount (double-twisting double layout). Her coach, Liang Chow, has done well to get the most out of Johnson on this event. If Johnson competes beyond 2008, I could see her adding a full twist to her Gienger.

A full-twisting Gienger is called a Def (Hristikayeva).  It’s the move that Elena Piskun crashes on here.  Most of the women who do this skill show a bit of pike and almost all of them look fairly messy.  The skill is supposed to be laid out so doing it with a pike is cause for deduction unless somebody submits the piked full twisting Gienger.  This video shows Johnson’s bars from the side which makes it easier to see the extent of pike and how close her feet actually are to the bar.  I think before she adds that full twist, she should concentrate on getting more height and more of a straight body position.  

Tall gymnasts

July 4, 2008

This blogger is 5’9″ and her little girl has expressed an interest in gymnastics.  The blogger thinks her little girl will never be good at gymnastics because she will be tall.  

I can already read the comments to this post:  Relax, she will find her niche.  She’s only three years old, why are you so worried? You are over-analyzing the situation, chill out and let her enjoy whatever sport she wants.  So what if she is not an elite anything, let her follow her passion. She’s going to have a million interests over the next 20 years.

Well, I’m not going to say that.  What I’m going to say is that tall gymnasts can be good at gymnastics.  What matters most is the coaching.  There’s actually A LOT of gymnastics coaches out there that barely know what they’re doing.  Get one of those and it doesn’t matter if you have the “perfect” body type for the sport.  With a bad coach, you’re unlikely to be successful unless you’re uber talented.  

Here are a few tall elite gymnasts.    

Sophie Hindermann is about 5’7″.  Here she is in the bar final at 2007 worlds.  

Ashley Miles is also 5’7″.  She was on the 2001 world team for the USA. She went on to compete for Alabama and was a sensation on floor throughout her college career.  There’s plenty of tall gymnasts competing in college on scholarship.  

Gymnastics is also a great base for other sports.  Many former gymnasts have switched to Diving.  Two time Olympic Gymnast, Amy Chow, switched to Pole Vault.  Laura Gerraughty competed in gymnastics up until level 10 when she was 5’9″.  She then switched to shotput and became an Olympian in 2004.

Morgan Hamm

July 4, 2008

So Morgan didn’t file the paperwork for his shot.  Okay.  This blogger thinks USAG doesn’t have the guts to toss him because that might alienate Paul Hamm.  I think they won’t toss him because there’s not a whole bunch of guys available to fill his spot.