Dwight Normile skips a step?

In a recent article, IG editor Dwight Normile talks about Shawn Johnson’s bar routine.  

Though Johnson weakest event is bars, she is really clean and consistent. She is not built for inside-Stalders, so she relies on a high B-score and big dismount (double-twisting double layout). Her coach, Liang Chow, has done well to get the most out of Johnson on this event. If Johnson competes beyond 2008, I could see her adding a full twist to her Gienger.

A full-twisting Gienger is called a Def (Hristikayeva).  It’s the move that Elena Piskun crashes on here.  Most of the women who do this skill show a bit of pike and almost all of them look fairly messy.  The skill is supposed to be laid out so doing it with a pike is cause for deduction unless somebody submits the piked full twisting Gienger.  This video shows Johnson’s bars from the side which makes it easier to see the extent of pike and how close her feet actually are to the bar.  I think before she adds that full twist, she should concentrate on getting more height and more of a straight body position.  


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