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June 10, 2008

Youtube user Penguin888 has created a video of Shawn’s new floor but edited it with different music.  It’s “Eclipse” from the album Nouvelle Experience by Cirque Du Soleil.  A lot of people don’t seem to like Shawn’s new music.  I don’t see what the problem is.  A girl doesn’t have to use circus music all the time.  

I think Penguin’s choice is old and tired.  How many times has this music been used for a floor routine?  

Nationals Day 2 on youtube

June 10, 2008

Thanks to NewNewNastiaFan101.  

Barry Nease must be thrilled

June 9, 2008

Shawn picked out her new music right after the American Cup.  Then she called up Barry Nease to arrange it for her.  Mr. Nease has been around doing floor music ever since they stopped using piano players.  In 2004 though, none of the US Olympians used his work.  He was shut out

I didn’t know he worked with Shawn on her new music.  I was trying to find out how she hooked up with Russell Warfield.  The guy who does Georgia’s routines.  It’s kind of funny she used a choreographer from a college program after her mom basically said she was too good for college gymnastics.  


What’s up with Shawn’s double pike?

June 9, 2008

Shawn has done double double, full-in, and double pike in the same routine before.  2007 Worlds for one.  Now she has a double double, whip triple full, and full-in.  Along with the front full to 1 1/2 and double twist same as worlds.  Shawn can do that double pike at the end of her routine and stick it.  I’m wondering why it’s not in her routine right now for another tenth in sv.  Can she do it instead of the double twist?  Maybe since she doesn’t need it right now, she’s just waiting to put it in until she does.  Perhaps she’s going to use it in combination with something or upgrade it to a double layout.  


Gymnicestics is musing about the possibilities for Sandra Izbasa’s floor routine.  

Does Hanes make leotards?

June 8, 2008

Hanes has a youtube channel dedicated to their “wedgie-free” panties.  There are four funny commercials featureing Sarah Chalke.  

Speaking of commercials.  Nastia had a couple of cool commercials during the broadcast for Day 2 of nationals.  They showed one of her training which ended with her pulling a tire down a vault runway.  There was a really nice one which had still 3D models of her and a music box type theme playing in the background.  They also showed this commercial featuring Kerri Strug’s vault from 1996. 

Shawn’s coke commercials were generic and boring in comparison.  Maybe they will show something better later on.  

John Macready also had a “Gold Medal Mom” commercial.  It was sweet.  Tyson is actually doing some sort of contest so maybe you can win a trip to Beijing – and some cash.  


Youtuber Beechurst10 has uploaded Nastia’s “music box” commercial.  And here is the training commercial thanks to GymMaverick. 

Wild claims?

June 8, 2008

According to, they are “the official” gymnastics community.  I don’t see anything on the site that explains how they came to acquire this status.  If they were affiliated with the FIG or some other gymnastics organization or national governing body, I could see how they would be official.  They don’t appear to be affiliated with anybody though.  

I just thought that was odd.   



June 8, 2008

Nastia’s AA score for day two was better than either of Shawn’s scores for day 1.  She is .3 behind Shawn in SV.  Combining Chellsie’s best SVs for both days are only .3 behind Nastia.  You could see an upset in qualifications to the Olympic AA finals if Shawn or Nastia has a fall in prelims.  Especially since the scoring will be tighter at worlds.  International judges love an Amanar but they are not going to B-score 9.5 for a vault with a big step on the landing.  The same for Nastia’s bars.  That dismount is going to cost her a lot in international competition if she doesn’t hit it.  I also wonder what Shawn’s beam score is going to be like internationally.  Tim Dagget noted flexibility issues during the Day 2 broadcast.  I can see such issues cutting into her B-score at the Olympics.  

Sam Peszek messed up “her” events, floor and vault.  Marta doesn’t want to see somebody who is being chosen for certain events get 14s on those same events.  

The full turn on beam tripped up the first couple of competitors.  It continues to puzzle me how people mess up full turns.  They and most other dance elements are easy to learn but then you have to put in some honest maintenance to keep them sharp.        

I was underwhelmed by Shawn’s day 2 leo.  The only thing worse than seeing teams or individuals from different countries sporting the same leo in different colors at the same competition is seeing one person sport the same leo in different colors at the same competition.  That leo was more interesting in orange anyway.  In black and white it’s just boring.  


natalieccna pointed out that Nastia is only .1 behind Shawn in SV if you count her best values from both days like I did for Chellsie.  On Beam and Floor she started .1 lower on Day 1 than on Day 2.  

Inside Gymnastics does it again

June 7, 2008

And not in a good way.  From quick hits of Senior Women’s prelims.  

“In between each event, USAG is showing video highlights of the rotation before on the Jumbotron. In the brief clip shown, Johnson’s floor dance actually looks better suited to the hip-hop music playing in between rotations than her actual, more classical music.”

Okay then.  I haven’t heard too much classical music with car horns blowing in the middle of it.  I also can’t think of any hip hop dancing that I’ve seen which looks like Shawn’s.  Are they buffoons over there?  

Prelims Vids on

June 7, 2008

I just watched a video of Jana’s floor routine on youtube.  The poster said they got it from NBCs site.  We know they’ll rip that down with the quickness so watch it soon if you can’t access NBCs videos.  

Shawn goes all the way

June 6, 2008

At 2007 US Nationals Shawn sported a blue leo with a swath of orange on it that was just as memorable as it was puzzling.  Blue and Orange?  This year, she was not satisfied with a teensy bit of orange on one arm and across the chest.  Bah to half-measures!  This year she has reversed the mix.  What was blue is now two shades of orange and what was orange is now nude with black crystals.  Hmm.  

Well, way to go Shawn.  I am a fashion fan of any gymnast who dresses outside the box.  What would a leo thread be like if everyone stuck to the same safe colors and the same safe designs.  It would be full of noobs talking about how they love this and that beautiful leo that they don’t realize is just another tired, old retread.  The world needs crazy, catwalk couture to push the limits, provoke thought, entertain, perhaps even point and laugh at.  

Orange leos have popped up at nationals at least twice since 1999.  Sadly, I would have to say Shawn is a distant 3rd in the Orange leo rockin’ catagory.    


I mentioned Leo Threads.  This is one from IG Forum.  I’m sure all the other boards have their own.  On page three, Shadowfan has written a hilarious post about Shawn’s leo choice.  

On the contrary, I didn’t have a problem at all with Shawn’s leo last year. You do raise an interesting point though. Now that I’ve seen this photo of last year’s effort, I must concur, Shawn’s attire has taken a rather sharp turn for the flamboyant, since winning her national title. I mean, when you think about it, it’s almost like a cliche of sorts. The minute you win a little national, little world title or whatever, you gotta go out and cop some flashy leos. Next thing you know she’ll be hitting up GK for some gold lamet grips, maybe some diamond dust coated, platinum colored schrunchies from Tiffany’s, Gucci gym bag . . .You remember how a while back when she wore the leo, with the Chinese characters on the sleve, as an homage to her coaches, right? Yeah, well that was then. It’s all about SJ on the sleeve now. Forget the warm up suit with the name of her club on the back. For finals tomorrow, I heard that Shawn was planning on wearing a satin cape with three stripes going down the back and her name in the middle spelled out in big, cursive letters, lined in sequins. Someone from her camp (perhaps Jesus) better take the wheel before it gets out of hand.