Johnson gives Liukin props

Articles about the new code are popping up.  I think this article does a good job of explaining it.  

Liukin says:

“Even though there is no Perfect 10, I feel it’s kind of still there. I’m striving towards that.”

She does pretty good on three events too.  She has her problems on bars but she also does very nice work there.  I think her form issues on floor pretty much stem from pushing the envelope in order to continue to be a top AA.  

Shawn talks about Liukin’s giganormous A score on bars:

“It plays to her advantage; it’s a very smart thing to do,” Johnson said. “It’s just whoever can play the field the best that can win.”


To clariy.  When I say Nastia is “pusing the envelope” on floor, I meant that I think she is pushing her personal difficulty threshold in order to get all the points she can using the type of skills she is best at doing.  Many times gymnasts who have problems on a skill that is difficult for them, can do an easier version of the skill with cleaner form.  One really example is Elise Ray.  Elise did a full – twisting double layout dismount from uneven bars with beautiful form.  At the 2000 Olympics, she upgraded to a double twisting double layout at some point and her form suffered a little.    

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