Hopefully is better than No

In the fluff at the beginning of NBC’s Day 2 coverage for 2008 Nationals, Sam Peszek said that when people ask her if she’s going to the Olympics she says, “Hopefully.”  And then she said, “Hopefully is better than No.”  Nineteen young ladies can still say that hopefully they are going.  Some have a better chance than others but they are going to trials.  For four women, it’s definitely all over.  Are they going to the Olympics?  No.  

Christa Tanella finished 13th in the AA.  She was one place ahead of Britney Ranzy.  But Ranzy is going to Trials.  She got 15s on vault and was the only competitor besides Sacromone to do two vaults.  Then there’s Ashley Stott, Katelyn Mohr, and Kimberly Jacob.  They were the lowest placing gymnasts that competed all four events.  All of the three event, two event, and NO Event gymnasts that placed behind them in the AA are going to trials.  Even Amber Trani and her mid-14s.  

The Hopefuls  

Jana Bieger, Coconut Creek, Fla./Bieger International Gymnastics
Mackenzie Caquatto, Naperville, Ill./Aerials
Olivia Courtney, Orlando, Fla./Orlando Metro
Ivana Hong, Blue Springs, Mo./GAGE
Alaina Johnson, Tyler, Texas/Texas East
Shawn Johnson, West Des Moines, Iowa/Chow’s Gymnastics
Mattie Larson, Los Angeles/All Olympia
Nastia Liukin, Parker, Texas/WOGA
Corrie Lothrop, Gaithersburg, Md./Hill’s
Chellsie Memmel, West Allis, Wis./M&M Gymnastics  
Samantha Peszek, Indianapolis, Ind./DeVeau’s  
Alicia Sacramone, Winchester, Mass./Brestyan’s
Chelsea Davis, Lakeway, Texas/Texas Dreams
Darling Hill, Mt. Laurel, N.J./Will-Moor
Britney Ranzy, Gaithersburg, Md./Excalibur
Amber Trani, Richlandtown, Pa./Parkettes
Bridget Sloan, Pittsboro, Ind./Sharp’s
Shayla Worley, Orlando, Fla./Orlando Metro                                                                                            

Randy Stageberg, Chesapeake, Va./Excalibur


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