Barry Nease must be thrilled

Shawn picked out her new music right after the American Cup.  Then she called up Barry Nease to arrange it for her.  Mr. Nease has been around doing floor music ever since they stopped using piano players.  In 2004 though, none of the US Olympians used his work.  He was shut out

I didn’t know he worked with Shawn on her new music.  I was trying to find out how she hooked up with Russell Warfield.  The guy who does Georgia’s routines.  It’s kind of funny she used a choreographer from a college program after her mom basically said she was too good for college gymnastics.  

“She’s so far away from college now,” Teri said, “and she is at the height of her career. … If she ever competed in college, it would be such a downgrade from what she’s doing now that I don’t know that that would be respectful of her as a competitor.”

For many gym fans, that went over like a smack in the face.  They got over it though, and they should.  Even if  you’re some funny as hell – but quickly back pedaling – Eurosport commentator who claimed that Shawn winning the 2007 world title wouldn’t be good for the sport, you gotta recognize that Shawn does some cool stuff.  Let me tell you how cool Shawn is.

1.  Stress reaction – That’s “reaction” not “fracture”.  I wish every gymnast and coach would take care of their injuries when they are small so they don’t have to compete in the biggest meet of their lives with a 6 inch crack in their leg.  

2.  College choreographer – Gym fans have been wishing for years that Elite gymnasts would ditch their largely crappy elite choreographers in favor of college choreographers who do fantastic work.  Most always say they want Valerie Kondos Field to do it but RW has put some good stuff out.  Other gymnasts have done it but I think Shawn is the most high profile.  Shawn is not noted for her work in the dance department so it’s kind of funny she should be one of the elites to try this route.    

3.  25 hours a week – Elite gymnasts train too much.  That’s why they’re hurt all the time.  Really.  The following cycle is not unusual:  get hurt, decrease training time to deal with the injury, come back better than ever, increase training time, get hurt again.  Happens over and over and over.  

4.  New floor routine – Yeah, finally.  But at least she went for it.  Love it or hate it, at least it’s new.  Perhaps for her the need was more pressing than for the other potential Olympians.  Her old routine was cutesy and she’s 16 now.  She’s been to prom for goodness sake.  Out with the Old!  

And that’s it.  What?  Difficulty?  We here at shergymrag (that’s myself and my best buddy, me) pay no special attention to difficulty because it gets old fast.  We remember when double pikes were amazing and awesome at the beginning of the routine and now people yawn when they’re at the end.  ::Yawn:: “Oh geeze.  ANOTHER double pike?”  Just the other day, I saw a comment where someone complained that Jana Bieger does three double backs in her routine.  Double layout full, double layout, and ends with a double pike.  ::Yawn::  “Oh geeze.  Where’s the VARIETY?”  I remember when fans’ heads would’ve totally exploded if they saw that routine.  




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