Wild gymnast.com claims?

According to Gymnast.com, they are “the official” gymnastics community.  I don’t see anything on the site that explains how they came to acquire this status.  If they were affiliated with the FIG or some other gymnastics organization or national governing body, I could see how they would be official.  They don’t appear to be affiliated with anybody though.  

I just thought that was odd.   




3 Responses to “Wild gymnast.com claims?”

  1. gymmeet Says:

    Well, I don’t know about “Official” and I’m not one to speak badly about another site, but I do love to talk about my own. First of all, I love your blog. You truly have a love for gymnastics and seem very knowledgeable about this great sport. Two months ago, we officially launched GymMeet. http://www.gymmeet.com . It is a social networking site, kind of like MySpace, but it’s just for gymnastics. We have grown faster than we expected, and have members from over 15 countries so far. You can create your own truly unique profile, and even use our own generator called “The Perfect Layout” if you want, or just use standard MySpace templates or the other templates we offer. You can blog, post pics and videos, create clubs, and coming soon, we will have online meets where gymnasts can submit their videos to be judged by real judges to win virtual ribbons, medals, and trophies to proudly display on their profile. We are still new, but I would invite you to join, and invite your friends and readers if you like it. Don’t forget to advertise this blog on your profile to drive traffic back to your site. If you would like a link on Gymmeet, please let me know, and we will put one up for you. I would also appreciate if you would put one on your blog for GymMeet. Right now, we aren’t the official site of anything except our members. We love our members! I hope to see you there and thanks for letting me reply to your post.

    Randy Bernard
    Co-founder and Owner of Gymmeet

  2. shergymrag Says:

    I love that online meet idea! I hope you guys get that going very soon.

  3. essentialresources Says:

    Thanks. Sorry I’m just reading your response now. Online Meets is the next thing we are launching and are putting the finishing touches on now. We also just launched GymMeetJobs for finding and posting Gymnastics-related jobs. We also just listed over 4100 gyms in the US on our Gym Listing page. Check it out, and I hope you join GymMeet. We love suggestions and criticism, so we welcome your comments.


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