Nastia’s AA score for day two was better than either of Shawn’s scores for day 1.  She is .3 behind Shawn in SV.  Combining Chellsie’s best SVs for both days are only .3 behind Nastia.  You could see an upset in qualifications to the Olympic AA finals if Shawn or Nastia has a fall in prelims.  Especially since the scoring will be tighter at worlds.  International judges love an Amanar but they are not going to B-score 9.5 for a vault with a big step on the landing.  The same for Nastia’s bars.  That dismount is going to cost her a lot in international competition if she doesn’t hit it.  I also wonder what Shawn’s beam score is going to be like internationally.  Tim Dagget noted flexibility issues during the Day 2 broadcast.  I can see such issues cutting into her B-score at the Olympics.  

Sam Peszek messed up “her” events, floor and vault.  Marta doesn’t want to see somebody who is being chosen for certain events get 14s on those same events.  

The full turn on beam tripped up the first couple of competitors.  It continues to puzzle me how people mess up full turns.  They and most other dance elements are easy to learn but then you have to put in some honest maintenance to keep them sharp.        

I was underwhelmed by Shawn’s day 2 leo.  The only thing worse than seeing teams or individuals from different countries sporting the same leo in different colors at the same competition is seeing one person sport the same leo in different colors at the same competition.  That leo was more interesting in orange anyway.  In black and white it’s just boring.  


natalieccna pointed out that Nastia is only .1 behind Shawn in SV if you count her best values from both days like I did for Chellsie.  On Beam and Floor she started .1 lower on Day 1 than on Day 2.  



2 Responses to “64.2”

  1. natalieccna Says:

    ok i got different start values from (nats)

    nastia 6.2 + 6.7 + 7.7 + 5.5 =26.1

    shawn 6.6 + 6.9 + 6.2 + 6.5 = 26.2

    chellsie 6.2 + 6.9 + 7.0 + 5.5 = 25.6

    *****so shawn leads nastia by one tenth but that is arguable since the whip triple shud not have been credited (thus losing DV and CV)
    and chellsie is loads behind until she adds in her whip whip arabian back to fx

    and a sidenote, the only person who can do the leg up turn consistently right is nastia. she doesnt just turn, she holds it up and shows the position wen shes done turning

  2. shergymrag Says:

    You’re right. I should’ve given Nastia her best SV the same as I did for Chellsie. On day one she had SVs that were .1 lower on beam and floor than on day 2. It does make more sense now how she could catch up to Shawn. She wasn’t .6 down, she was only .4 down. .3 on the first day and .1 on the second.

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