Shawn goes all the way

At 2007 US Nationals Shawn sported a blue leo with a swath of orange on it that was just as memorable as it was puzzling.  Blue and Orange?  This year, she was not satisfied with a teensy bit of orange on one arm and across the chest.  Bah to half-measures!  This year she has reversed the mix.  What was blue is now two shades of orange and what was orange is now nude with black crystals.  Hmm.  

Well, way to go Shawn.  I am a fashion fan of any gymnast who dresses outside the box.  What would a leo thread be like if everyone stuck to the same safe colors and the same safe designs.  It would be full of noobs talking about how they love this and that beautiful leo that they don’t realize is just another tired, old retread.  The world needs crazy, catwalk couture to push the limits, provoke thought, entertain, perhaps even point and laugh at.  

Orange leos have popped up at nationals at least twice since 1999.  Sadly, I would have to say Shawn is a distant 3rd in the Orange leo rockin’ catagory.    


I mentioned Leo Threads.  This is one from IG Forum.  I’m sure all the other boards have their own.  On page three, Shadowfan has written a hilarious post about Shawn’s leo choice.  

On the contrary, I didn’t have a problem at all with Shawn’s leo last year. You do raise an interesting point though. Now that I’ve seen this photo of last year’s effort, I must concur, Shawn’s attire has taken a rather sharp turn for the flamboyant, since winning her national title. I mean, when you think about it, it’s almost like a cliche of sorts. The minute you win a little national, little world title or whatever, you gotta go out and cop some flashy leos. Next thing you know she’ll be hitting up GK for some gold lamet grips, maybe some diamond dust coated, platinum colored schrunchies from Tiffany’s, Gucci gym bag . . .You remember how a while back when she wore the leo, with the Chinese characters on the sleve, as an homage to her coaches, right? Yeah, well that was then. It’s all about SJ on the sleeve now. Forget the warm up suit with the name of her club on the back. For finals tomorrow, I heard that Shawn was planning on wearing a satin cape with three stripes going down the back and her name in the middle spelled out in big, cursive letters, lined in sequins. Someone from her camp (perhaps Jesus) better take the wheel before it gets out of hand.



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