Nastia – Wind it up

So there I was on youtube, surfing along, minding my own business.  Somewhere in the middle of a Nastia Liukin montage, I saw a clip of her in cute pink outfit.  After a quick search, I found it.  It’s from the Tylenol Ice Skating and Gymnastics Spectacular which aired in February 2008 on NBC.  I never watch these “spectacular” type of shows or the “competitons” where all the gymnasts wear costumes.  I’m too much of a gymsnob for that.  

According to a comment by rippedfur:

“This was chored for Nastia by the famous(!) top gymnastics choreographer Adriana Pop. Below is an excerpt from an article:
“She also performed a dance routine to Gwen Stefani’s “Wind It Up,” created by assistant show choreographer Adriana Pop. The dance number was a departure from her usual choreography, Liukin noted.” 

“I had so much fun doing it and I hope that people will accept that and realize that I can do more than one style,” she said.”

Most of the choreography is taken straight from her current competitive routine.  Some note that the style of dance doesn’t match the music.  I can see that but I think it still looks really good.  That surprised me because when Chelsei mismatched music and recycled choreography earlier this year for her much maligned and quickly axed “I love rock and roll” routine, the mismatch was one of the things I hated about it.  (Later I decided it wasn’t so bad.)  

I have wished more than once that Nastia would use something with a faster, more dancey pace for her floor routines.  

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