Shawn Johnson – Piece of Me montage

I like this song so I’m glad somebody made a gymnastics montage with it.  I just don’t think it suits Shawn “Midwest Values” Johnson.  Not that that means anything.  There’s no law that says the music and video for a montage has to perfectly match.  I’d like to see this music for a montage about any or all of the following Liukin, Sacramone, Boginskaya, Korkina, or Schwikert.  Them or anyone else who seems capable of flashing a decent Soviet Bitchface.


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  1. Sam Peszek - Piece of me montages « Shergymrag Says:

    […] Peszek – Piece of me montages Awhile back somebody made a Shawn Johnson montage to Piece of me by Britney Spears.  Now there are two […]

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