Just because some reporter gets your age wrong II

If some chinese paper appears to report that you were 13 in a pre-Olympic year, that doesn’t mean anything because we know how reporters are prone to getting things wrong.  Considering the controversy over He Kexin’s age though, I find this especially funny.  

何可欣(體操) 13歲的武漢選手何可欣在女子高低杠比賽中的對手是國家隊的楊伊琳。在主場觀眾的支持下,這個小姑娘在決賽中出色地完成了“李婭空翻”的全套動作,險勝已經得到高分的世錦賽季軍楊伊琳,拼下冠軍。國家女隊總教練陸善真也為她鼓起了掌。

I don’t read Chinese but I know how to use Google Language tools.  

He Kexin (gymnastics) Wuhan 13-year-old Ho Ke in the women’s uneven bars competition in the national team is the opponent Irina Yang. Viewers at home, with the support of the girl in the final completion of the excellent manner, “Li Ya Kong Fan,” the full set of moves, win the world championships have been high up Irina Yang, under the title fight. National team coach Lu Shanzhen also for her to muster a fortune. 

This looks like gibberish.  All except for the part that says “13-year-old” in a story dated November 3, 2007.  Perhaps somebody who speaks Chinese can tell us what it really says.  For all I know, it could actually be saying that she broke another club’s 13 year old winning streak for uneven bars titles or any number of other things that don’t involve age faking.  

Anyway, the thing about He Kexin’s age is some people say she really is 16 but her age was faked down so that she could compete in these 2007 Intercity games and then adjusted back up again so that she could compete in the Olympics.  If that’s true, it does show you that the adults around her don’t really care about following age rules.  Another thing is we’ve read about Chinese language sources that report a different age for her.  Well, this may be one of them so folks who say they want to see something besides heresay…get a translator and have them check it out.  hahaha.  

Depending on what this really says, maybe now, some people will have to admit that the He Kexin age thing is not being made up totally out of thin air by people who just want Nastia to win.  Lastly, just like for the English language edition of that other Chinese paper (that was riddled with mistakes anyway) it could be just a mistake.     

I think the age limit is an unenforceable rule that gives some teams an advantage because they can cheat and not get caught.  I’ve read that some people think folks are being unfair by suspecting the Chinese of cheating when they don’t suspect other teams of cheating even though they haven’t seen any age proof for other teams either.  On the one hand, I can see where this is coming from.  On the other hand, they used some ridiculous examples – ‘We’ve never seen any proof of how old Shawn Johnson is yet nobody suspects her.’  The point is, your Shawn Johnsons can not fake their ages and get away with it.  Teams that fake ages, can do so because they live in a situation where real ages can be kept secret.     

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One Response to “Just because some reporter gets your age wrong II”

  1. northernriver Says:

    The article says He is 13 yrs old, and talks about her competing her Li Ya Jaeger and beating Yang Yilin for the uneven bars title at the National Games or something (am too lazy to translate the part about Lu Shanzhen–I think it says something about him encouraging her).

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