China Daily issues correction for He Kexin’s age

I stumbled across this blog entry.  The post says that China Daily issued a correction to their story that stated He Kexin was 14 years old.  I guess this was made in the paper edition and not on the online edition?  

It’s also worth pointing out that the correction has not been made on CD’s website, but that’s not surprising because they are almost completely disassociated from one another.

I wonder why there was no correction to the other errors that were in the same article.   


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3 Responses to “China Daily issues correction for He Kexin’s age”

  1. Gymnastics Coaching » Blog Archive » more doubt about the age of He Kexin Says:

    […] Shergymrag has done it again. […]

  2. cntriones Says:

    That’s a scanned copy of the correction

  3. cntriones Says:

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