Catching up with the cast of “Stick It!”

Stick It” was a decent movie.  Recently, I watched “Iron Man”  and found out that Jeff Bridges is in it.  I’m aware of a few of Missy Peregrym’s projects but I haven’t really seen anything from some of the other folks.  So, I did some digging.  

Jeff Bridges – I loved his new movie Iron Man.  Saw it twice and plan to buy it on DVD.  He played Burt Vickerman in Stick It.  He’s got three more projects for 2008 that are in post-production according to  He did Surf’s Up (movie and video game) as the voices of Big Z and Geek.  Another movie of his for 2008 is A Dog Year which is about a man who takes in a crazy dog.  I haven’t seen anything of his post-Stick It but I did rent a movie called The Amateurs that he did in 2005.  It’s about a town full of people that make a porno movie.  

Missy Peregrym – Missy played Haley Graham in Stick It.  I’ve seen her in Heroes.  Her character, Candice Wilmer, was a meannastyshapeshifter.  Candice was played by someone else in the following season.  Maybe because Missy moved to Reaper.  I’ve seen Reaper a few times but I’m not really a fan.  Missy’s latest character is too sweet for me.  Between Heroes and Reaper she did a TV movie called Wide Awake which I didn’t see.  

Isabelle Severino – Two time Olympian (1996, 2004), Severino, was Missy’s stunt double.  After the movie, she returned to competitive gymnastics, competing for France in the 2007 Worlds and European Championships.  Unfortunately, she tore her achilles at 2008 Europeans one week before her 29th birthday and won’t be competing for France in Beijing.  If you can read french, you might enjoy Isabelle’s official website.  

Maddy Curley – (Mina Hoyt).  She hadn’t done anything before Stick It but she’s had a couple of projects since then.  Including an appearance on “CSI: NY”.  She wrote and produced Seized (2008) and has two more projects that are in post production.  

Bart Conner – (Himself).  Bart Conner did some acting in 1984 – 1986.  In 2004 he played a “sportscaster”.  Um, okay.  In 2007 he was in the mob on 1 vs. 100.  

Nastia Liukin – Her IMDB page already has a link for her appearance in “Beijing 2008: Games of the XXIX Olympiad”  I’m not saying Nastia won’t be there, but somebody is jumping the gun.  They don’t even have the little red “pre-production” tag on it.  I swear I’m not superstitious but if Nastia gets hurt before the games, I’ll seriously wonder if she wasn’t jinxed by the folks at!  

There’s a bunch of other people that were in this movie.  Loads.  A lot of them seem to have kept themselves busy.  I was surprised by how many CSI credits I saw.  


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