Five gymnasts per team-licensed to tumble

A few days ago, posted about some proposed changes for the 2012 Olympics.  According to International Gymnast magazine, these changes are now official.  

The IG article also mentions that all gymnasts will need licenses to participate in international competition. “The FIG will grant a license after receiving the gymnast’s birthdate, biography and insurance information from the sponsoring federation.”  I have to wonder if this has anything to do with the He Kexin situation.  If so, what a pointless rule.  How would this stop age fakers from age faking?  

Perhaps it’s just a way to raise more money.  I can’t imagine those licenses will be free.  The FIG won’t even let you protest a bad score for free anymore.  Also, the FIG has been trying to make world competitions smaller and less expensive.  Maybe they think if the athletes need a license to compete, fewer will want to.  


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