2008 Visa Championships are next week

For Men, Rhythmic, and Trampoline and Tumbling.  They are going to be in Texas.  Women’s championships are going to be held closer to trials at a different location (Boston).  The men wanted to have their championships separately because they want more time between Championships and Trials.  The women’s program feels the need to have Championships as late as they possibly can.  They seem to think it keeps the athletes on their toes.  

I don’t know how many gymnasts have actually made the Olympic team and then let their training slide.  Missy Marlowe seems to be the one example I can think of.  People said her performance level at the games was just not the same.  Besides the one time I can think of that it really happened, I wonder if their definition of letting your training slide is really just wanting to eat more than bread and water once you get to the games.  Every Olympics you hear about families having to sneak food to their athletes.  I just wonder how much of the extra pressure they try to put into the process is really necessary.        

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