Canada’s bid to encourage specialists

Canada doesn’t have any WAG all-arounders that could challenge for a medal and they don’t have any specialists that could do so either.  Their system for selecting the two athletes to go to the games is designed for specialists though.  Currently, their best two all-arounders are in second and third place.  Some people are decrying this as a huge mistake.  To me, it seems like a strategic move on Gym Canada’s part.  

It’s pretty clear that if you can’t field a team full of strong all-arounders, the next best way to place well is by having good specialists – that can stay healthy.  This point system and emphasis on specialists isn’t going to do anything in the short term but perhaps during the next quad, they’ll start to see more girls coming up through the ranks who can pull high 15s or 16s on two or three events.  This would be good for Canada’s gymnasts vying for the next games.  It’s better to have 6 spots to compete for rather than only two.  

I love the all-around.  I don’t like to see their two girls get chosen based on events they have no chance of winning.  However, I can see how this might lead to a stronger team Canada in the future.  


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