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USA Gymnastics’ take on the injury report?

April 11, 2008

Articles about the first national study done on gymnastics injuries have been popping up all over.  USAG hasn’t said anything about it yet though.  I was expecting something to appear on their website perhaps.   

High School Gymnastics

April 11, 2008

The public school system in Cadillac, Michigan cut their wresting and gymnastics programs due to budget constraints.  A partnership with the local YMCA has helped to keep High School Gymnastics in the area available.  

Audi Gymnastics Commercial

April 11, 2008

All kinds of gymnastics is used in this car commercial.  

So I want a Wii now

April 10, 2008

They have this new fitness thingy.  You can play balance games on it.  Do your little fitness routines.  It looks really cool.

Dancing Italians

April 9, 2008

At in the comments section of an article about Paola Galante, poster Francesca Ciappetta claims that the Italians actually dance on floor.  I was skeptical because I’m only familiar with what Ferrari has offered.  Not terribly artistic.  Ciappetta posted proof though.  Check out this lovely 2005 routine from Francesca Benolli.  you know a routine is good when the music is not your style but you can still appreciate the artistry.  That was wonderful.  Of course, you are saying, “2005?  Before the code changed and all but a few die hards stopped dancing?”  What a coincidence.  That’s exactly what I said.  Francesca’s 2007 routine is still very dancey.  

I’m going to have to pay closer attention to the Italians.  Ciappetta posted some more links to vids and pictures so check it out.  

Mixing pregnancy and cartwheels

April 9, 2008

People Magazine thinks that pop star Fergie’s onstage cartwheels prove she’s not pregnant.  Apparently they don’t know how crazy gymnasts can be.  I’m not saying Fergie is pregnant.  I’m not saying it’s advisable to do cartwheels while you’re pregnant.  I’m just saying that to some people, a cartwheel is safe like yoga or pilates.  I’ve seen a visibly pregnant gymnastics coach turn a cartwheel.  I don’t have it on tape but it’s burned into my memory.  I was shocked, amazed, and embarrassed.  Hers looked better than mine and she was FAT!  

So you want to watch Euros WAG team finals?

April 9, 2008

Say no more.  Marie83 and Treasurerush have made it happen just for you.  Here is a link to part one.  I enjoy watching full competitions on youtube.  There’s just something that makes a full competition more compelling than watching a bunch of short routines.  Even if the routines are from the same competition.  

What is the deal with Ferrari’s beam mount?

April 9, 2008

Here is a vid which shows Vanessa doing her beam mount. She presses to a handstand, does a full pirrouette, and lowers to a plange.  I’ve noticed that she stops at every quarter turn on the full pirrouette.  It seems like that would be some kind of deduction.  It’s seems like making four quarter turns would be easier than doing one smooth full turn.  Perhaps she’s working up to the full and doesn’t actually get D credit for her mount. 

I’m not going to complain about this gymnastics game

April 9, 2008

I’m sure a lot of work went into this game.  If it’s not what I’d like to see then I should get off my butt and write my own.  That’ll be happening any day now.  In the meantime, give the game a try.  

US Olympic trials tickets

April 9, 2008

Going on sale soon.   Saturday, April 12th at 10:00 am.