Age fakery sucks

northernriver at Difficulty Plus Execution has a post about the Chinese and their age faking.  There is no way to truly prove that they do it because it can be chalked up to “sloppy paperwork” rather than just sloppy cheating.   

I really can’t stand cheating and if the rules have to be rewritten until such time that age limits can actually be enforced across the board then that’s what should happen.  Then the chinese can fill their team with 13 year olds all they want and play the” young kids big tricks” gamble.  That is, great when they hit but seemingly so much more prone to crumbling!  

The Chinese coaches seem to love to gamble even though it’s bitten them in the ass so many times.  I wonder if they do it because they don’t want to lose with a less risky team and have to explain why they didn’t take the gymnasts that could’ve gotten the highest scores.  On the one hand, losing is losing.  On the other, I can understand if they would rather take a big risk and lose big rather than take a smaller risk and lose by just a tiny bit.  With all the Chinese have to offer, if they could learn to diversify they would finally be as unstoppable as they can be.  

You want to know what legendary team was masterful at diversification?  The Soviets.  It always seemed like when they stood on the podium, nobody was ever the same size because their team was made up from their best new tricksters up to their elegant grande dames.  Knowing how to put together a team was an important part of Soviet success in gymnastics.  

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