Dancing Italians

At Gymnasticscoaching.com in the comments section of an article about Paola Galante, poster Francesca Ciappetta claims that the Italians actually dance on floor.  I was skeptical because I’m only familiar with what Ferrari has offered.  Not terribly artistic.  Ciappetta posted proof though.  Check out this lovely 2005 routine from Francesca Benolli.  you know a routine is good when the music is not your style but you can still appreciate the artistry.  That was wonderful.  Of course, you are saying, “2005?  Before the code changed and all but a few die hards stopped dancing?”  What a coincidence.  That’s exactly what I said.  Francesca’s 2007 routine is still very dancey.  

I’m going to have to pay closer attention to the Italians.  Ciappetta posted some more links to vids and pictures so check it out.  

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One Response to “Dancing Italians”

  1. cynicwear Says:

    Thanks for linking to Benolli’s floor routines, they were beautiful. Her 2005 routine was, as you said, lovely. I might have to rethink my avoidance of ballet. I think I liked her 2007 routine better overall, but that might just be her awe-inspiring music choice.

    It’s not dancey in quite the same way, but one of my all-time favorite floor routines is Evgenia Kuznetsova’s from the 2002 Tournament of Masters in Cottbus. ( http://gymfan.drwho.de/2002/cb2002_evku_fx.html )

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